MEDICOLOGY: PHARMACOLOGY QUIZZES 21 | Multiple Choice Questions| Medical Exam Preparations

Sunday, January 30, 2022

PHARMACOLOGY QUIZZES 21 | Multiple Choice Questions| Medical Exam Preparations

01. Which of the following drug is an HMG COA REDUCTASE INHIBITORS (STATINS)?
A. Niacin
B. Lovastatin
C. Fenofibrate
D. Ezetimibe
E. Colestipol

Answer: B. Lovastatin

02. A drug that belongs to Niacin is one of the following?
A. Niacin
B. Fluvastatin
C. Fenofibrate
D. Ezetimibe
E. Colestipol

Answer: C. Niacin

03. A drug that belongs to CLASS IV?
A. Propafenone (IC)
B. Metoprolol
C. Amiodarone
D. Verapamil

Answer: D. Verapamil

04. A drug that belongs to CLASS IV?
A. Quinidine (IA)
B. Propranolol
C. Amiodarone
D. Diltiazem

Answer: D. Diltiazem

05. Sitagliptin belongs to one of the following classes of Oral hypoglycemic agents?
A. Thiazolidinediones
B. Biguanide
C. Alpha-Glucosidase inhibitor

Answer: D. DPP-IV ( sitagliptin, Sexaglipton)

06. A drug that belongs to nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor?
A. Didanosine
B. Delavirdine
C. Atazanavir
D. Maraviroc
E. Indanyl carbenicillin

Answer: A. Didanosine

07.  A drug that belongs to the ACE inhibitors Class is the following?
A. Quinapril
B. Bumetanide
C. Furosemide
D. Acebutolol

Answer: A. Quinapril

08. Which one of the following drugs is used for subcutaneous and systemic mycoses?
A. Terconazole
B. Miconazole
C. Nystatin
D. Amphotericin B

Answer: D. Amphotericin B

09. Streptomycin belongs to one of the following antibacterial classes?
A. Macrolide
B. Tetracyclines
C. Aminoglycoside
D. Fluoroquinolone

Answer: C. Aminoglycoside

10. A drug that is used to treat Helminthic infections for Cestodes is one of the following?
A. Cladribine
B. Praziquantel 
C. Flucytosine
D. Etidronate
E. Albendazole

Answer: E. Albendazole 

14. Thromboxane A2 synthesis inhibited by?
A. Aspirin 
B. Ticlopidine
C. Clopidogrel
D. Dipyridamole 
E. All of these 

Answer: A. Aspirin

13. Arachidonic acid is released from platelet membrane phospholipids, this stimulation is caused by?
A. Thrombin 
B. Collagen 
D. All of these 

13. Which of the following drugs are primarily excreted By Kidneys except?
a. Trandopril
b. Ramipril
c. BenZapril
d. Fosinopril

Answer: d. Fosinopril

15. Limits the growth of the clot and dissolve the fibrin network as the wound heal as follows:
A. Plasmin
B. Prostacyclin 
C. Nitric oxide
D. Thromboxane A2
E. Fibrinogen 

Answer: A. Plasmin

16.  Which one of the following drugs can cause bronchospasm in asthmatic patients?
A. Zanamivir 
B. Amantadine
C. Oseltamivir
D. A & B
E. None of these 

Answer: Zanamivir 
Because it's administered directly to the airways.

17. All of the following drugs have MOA that prevents cell wall synthesis by binding to and inhibiting cell wall transpeptidases except
A. penicillins
B. cephalosporins & monobactams
C. carbapenem
D. vancomycin & daptomycin

Answer: D. vancomycin & daptomycin

18. The drug that has a major advantage over other sympathomimetic drugs that increase cardiac output but brings a little change in Heart rate and significantly does not elevate myocardium oxygen demand?
A. Epinephrine
B. Isoproterenol
C. Dopamine
D. Dobutamine
E. Oxymetazoline

Answer: D. Dobutamine

19. Following have powerful anti-inflammatory  effect  & when first introduced were considered to be answer of inflammatory arthritis?
B. glucocorticoids
D. Aspirin  

Answer: C. DMARDs

20. Maximum daily dose of Acetaminophen for children for no longer than 3 days for fever without consulting a physician is following?
A. 660 mg
B. 1200 mg
C. 1600 mg
D. 4000 mg
E. 6000 mg

Answer: C. 1600 mg

21. Which of the following drugs doesn't efficiently cross BBB?
A. Didanosine 
B. Tenofovir
C. Rimantadine
D. Nevirapine
E. Efavirenz

Answer:  C. Rimantadine

22. A maximum daily dose of Ibuprofen for no longer than 10 days for pain is following?
A. 660 mg
B. 1200 mg
C. 2000 mg
D. 4000 mg
E. 6000 mg

Answer: B. 1200 mg

23. Which of the following produce marked arteriolar dilation in several vascular beds, including heart, skeletal muscles, kidney, liver & intestine.
A. histamine
B. kinins
C. kallikreins
D. hageman factor trypsin

Answer: B. Kinins 

24. Gastric inhibitory peptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) are secreted by?
A. Intestines
B. Hepatocytes
C. Cardiac Cells
D. Kupffer cells

Answer: A. Intestines

25. Which one of the following drugs forms insoluble chelates that are not absorbed?
A. Tetracycline & Calcium 
B. Ciprofloxacin & magnesium 
C. Rabeprazole & Sitaglipton
D. A & B
E. All of the above 

Answer: D. A & B

26. A Direct acting adrenergic agonist that stimulates Alpha receptors on blood vessels that supplies blood to the conjunctiva and nasal mucosa to reduce blood supply to decrease congestion?
A. Clonidine
B. Metaproterenol
C. Oxymetazoline
D. Dobutamine
E. Formoterol

Answer: C. Oxymetazoline

27. Which one of the following drugs are prescribed with NSAIDs to reduce the risk of Ulcer disease?
A. Allopurinol
B. Colchicine
C. Misoprostol
D. Sulindac

Answer: C. Misoprostol

28. We give an effective dose of atropine to a person who is poisoned with an AChE inhibitor. Which structure will continue to be overactivated by the excess of ACh after this drug is given? 
a) Airway smooth muscles 
b) S-A node of the heart
c) Salivary and Lacrimal glands
d) Skeletal muscles
e) Vascular smooth muscles

Answer: d. Skeletal muscle

29. Which of the following drugs inhibits the reabsorption of HCO3–  in the proximal convoluted tubules?
A. Acetazolamide
B. Thiazide
C. Bumetanide
D. Spironolactone
E. Amiloride
Answer: A. Acetazolamide

30. Use of Tiotropium bromide is contraindicated?
a. Hypertension
b. Urinary retention
c. Asthma
d. Peptic ulcers

Answer: Urinary retention 

11. All of the following appear to decrease HOT flushes in menopausal women EXCEPT:
a. Tibolone
b. Isoflavones
c. Androgens
d. Raloxifene

Answer: Raloxifene

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