MEDICOLOGY: How To Become A Registered Pharmacist In Dubai?

Sunday, May 31, 2020

How To Become A Registered Pharmacist In Dubai?

     Become A Registered Pharmacist In Dubai

Health care professionals need a DHA license to practice in DUBAI. This health-related license is issued by the Health Regulation Department of the Dubai Health Authority.
The value of pharmacists in Dubai in Clinical setup is very important. Dubai is being an advanced country has also improved its health system by importing Health workers from all over the world. The role of the pharmacist is also contributing to the Dubai Heath system.  PHARMACIST in Dubai is working in every field of the health system. Most pharmacists are working in Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies (although very few), as community pharmacists, in retail pharmacies in DUBAI CITY.   Most of the pharmacists in DUBAI are from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. They are working in the health sector as registered pharmacists and trainee pharmacists. 

Experience required to apply for DHA

Minimum 2 years of experience is required to apply for DHA

Salary of  Pharmacist in Dubai

If you are appointed as a trainee pharmacist DUBAI in any chain system located in Dubai your average salary as a trainee pharmacist is 2000AED to 3000AED. As a registered Pharmacist your starting salary in Dubai is 3500AED to 4500AED.

DHA exam For Pharmacist: 

Dubai health authority conducts exams to register pharmacists from different countries. After passing the exam, DHA issued them a license to practice in Dubai city called the EMIRATES OF DUBAI.  

Procedure to apply for DHA exam license registration:

Detailed information about applying for DHA is also available on the DHA website. You can visit that site to get the contact number, email address. However, here we are going to tell you to step by step registration process for the DHA exam.

  • On the website of the DHA government, you will find there a link with a title of licensing services. Click on this link and register yourself as a new user if you don't have already any account linked with DHA. 
  • After creating a new account, log in to your account by providing a username and password. Keep in mind while writing your name, Enter your name as in the passport of your home country.
  • Just after logging in, first, fill out their online application form
  • Choose your category for applying
  • Attach all the required documents
  1. Passport
  2. Photographs
  3. Experience Certificate
  4. Pharmacy Degree
  5. Your Transcript
  6. Valid license from your pharmacy council or renewal of license from your home country
  7. All the documents must be scanned with a scanner. Don't use mobile applications while scanning.
  • The attestation of documents for online uploading is not necessary. DHA will verify all of your documents. 

After completion of the whole process, you have to wait for the email from DHA about the verification and approval of your documents of application. After approval of documents, DHA will send you a message in the inbox about the submission of fee online 210AED application fee. Most probably within 2-3 days, DHA will send you a message to purchase the DHA book. The price of the DHA book is 220AED. After purchasing this book upload receipt of the book purchase on the DHA website. Then after 2-3 days, DHA will ask you to submit a PSV( Primary source verification) Fee of 724 AED online. You will receive all messages regarding DHA in your Inbox.
 After submission of the PSV fee, 30-60 days are required to verify all the required information and documents. After verification from DHA, DHA will send you a message in the inbox about the data flow report regarding PSV. Now you can book your exam in the given centers. DHA exam will be on every Sunday in Sheikh Rashid Hospital behind the trauma center in Dubai. After receiving DHA Exam Fee will confirm your exam date.

  1. The normal exam fee is 260AED
  2. Urgent exam fee 2010AED
DHA exam is based on a computer test in which the passing score is only 60%. You'll receive your exam soon after submitting your online attempted paper.
When you'll pass your exam, DHA will issue you an eligibility letter so that you could be able to search for a job within 10-15 days. After getting a job in Dubai, one last step is to upload your labor card on the DHA website by your name at a cost of 3000AED. This amount is given by your employee.

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