MEDICOLOGY: How to apply for Pharmacist registration in Norway?

Friday, November 27, 2020

How to apply for Pharmacist registration in Norway?

Apply for Pharmacist Registration In Norway

Step by step Procedure to Apply for Pharmacist Registration In Norway:
Requirements for Registration:

A pharmacist with a Pharmacy degree is called a prescriptionist in Norway. You don't have a need to pass the Pharmacist exam for registration you are able to practice PHARMACIST in Norway with your Pharmacist degree from your homeland because you'll work there as a prescriptionist. A student carrying a degree in pharmacy is not called a Pharmacist in Norway instead they need a master's degree in Pharmacists. For the registration of a prescriptionist in Norway following documents are required. By fulfilling their requirements you can get the authorization and license of a Pharmacist/ Prescriptionist.
Different steps are required:
 Language course in the Norwegian language is compulsory to find their job or for making contact with Norwegian people. Basics steps are required. You can take admission to any Norwegian language course at any University in Norway. To take admission you must have an IELTS SCORE of at least 5.5 which is compulsory to take admission to any University in Norway. There is another option to take admission without IELTS SCORE, take admission in any private University in Norway. You must have a Certificate from the Norwegian union council institute because they don't accept certificates from other institutes. The name of the test is Norsk Prøve. 
Try to learn Norwegian at home while you can easily attempt a Language exam in Norway so that you can take admission in Norwegian language Level 2 and in level 3 directly if you have already an idea about Level 1 on the Norwegian language. By doing this you can save your money and time.

First step:
In the first step, you need documentation of your educational career as per the requirement of the Norway health department.
  1. Identification card ( Passport) 
  2. Pharmacist degree (Required University and HEC verification)
  3. Detailed Marks Certificate/ Transcript (HEC and University Verification is required)
  4.  The whole syllabus of your pharmacy Degree according to your Pharmacy session
  5. Pharmacy License or category Fully attested by Pharmacy council secretary
  6. Letter of Good standing issued by Pharmacy counsel to the name of Health directorate Norway
  7. Your Work experience Letter (Fully attested by the Pharmacy council secretary and by your job company)
  8. Contact your Teacher of Pharmacy for a reference letter or recommendation letter that should be 1-2 (you can also get a recommendation letter by your Company where you are working.

All the documents could be attested From the Ministry of Foreign affairs. Scanning of all the documents must be done with a professional scanner. Do not scan documents with a mobile scanner. Scanning of both sides from Front and back should be done by preparing a PDF file of each side of scanned documents. Experience of everything Field related to a pharmacy is acceptable but the preferable experience is Retail Pharmacy experience. Your experience letter must be original.
NOTE: Don't make any fake documents or certificates. Forged or Fake letters or documents could lead to rejection. All the documents must be clear and clean and easily readable.

2nd Step
How to Apply:
Altinn is A Norwegian Form Portal where you can get authorization and license application forms. Just follow simple steps by visiting Their website

Just follow some simple steps to Fill out their Application:
First of all on visiting their website that is completely in Norwegian Language convert that in English then start your work at the Health directorate of Norway and find your concerned thing.

After translation into English, you will find an option of Authorization and license,  under the steps required to apply for Authorization and license. Documents requirements to proceed with your application, The method to apply, Total fee, and process of applying.
Click on Select a Professional Group like in the above image: then proceed to the next step:

Here you can see in the column of Authorization and License An option of Pharmacist. After selecting this option click on next and proceed to the next process:

After selecting the Pharmacist Option, Now answer the asked questions about your Education, etc.

Now look at the given options  of different types, You have to click on the Proceed to alternate login methods and follow the next step;

Now again translate this application form into English and proceed next by clicking on 'Log In Without national identity Number/D-number like the below image;

After clicking, Create a new User, by providing a username and password. 

Following the steps involved in the application of authorization and license by looking at the images above. Carefully fill out the application form by giving everything in detail as they have asked in each step.
Select Prescriptionist while selecting a profession even if you are carrying a degree of the pharmacist in Pakistan because as per the requirement of Europe we are as a Mphil student in Pakistan are not properly trained and don't have practice as a master pharmacy in Europe.
A doctor of pharmacy in Pakistan and most probably in other countries like India and gulf countries is equal to a Norwegian bachelor. So take care while selecting a profession, select Prescriptionist.

Complete the “Education segment” carefully and with detail of everything.
Complete your work experience column carefully. there is no problem if you are working in retail, distribution, sale, industry, or teaching in any pharmacy college you have to submit this.
If you don't have any work experience you can attach your internship letter or joining letter with your application.
After completion of each step concerned with documents, the next step is to pay your fee and click on proceed to payment. You can pay your fee by using your VISA/MASTER/Credit card.
Now one last step is to click on Signature step 1 and download your submitted receipt. during which you will receive your confirmation of submission of your application.
You can also check the submitted message in the MY message box on your altinn account. Within one month you will receive a letter of documents receiving in hard copy from the Directorate of Health Norway.
The duration of time is 1-10 months is required.


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