MEDICOLOGY: Steps Of Pharmacist Registration in the USA?

Friday, April 15, 2022

Steps Of Pharmacist Registration in the USA?

How to Become a registered pharmacist in the USA?

The USA has become a dream country for people of all the countries in the world. A lot of health professionals including physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, and other paramedical staff always take an interest to work in the USA as the first country to migrate. Meanwhile, the USA is also inviting health professionals from all over the world to make their lifestyles better. Health professionals especially pharmacists from different countries are coming to the USA for a better future. Because pharmacists in the USA are the highest paid professionals. On average, Pharmacists are earning around  $100 K in a year. They are living a luxurious life in the USA as compared to other countries. Many Pakistani, Indians, Arabs are going to the USA for their dream life. Here you will learn how to apply for the registration process and the steps required to get a registration certificate in the USA for practice.

Different steps are required for registration as a PHARMACIST IN the USA. The first step is to after completion of your degree from a recognized University or college in your country start collecting the required documents for applying procedure. After completion of the required documents, start searching for organizations that'll evaluate your documents to start the application process. The evaluation organization for the USA is ECE (Educational credential evaluation). they'll evaluate your sealed transcript and earned credit hours to match with USA pharmacy degree requirements. If they would find any deficiency in your documents they'll send you an email of the required document or any additional information they required. After completion of your transcript and other documents evaluation, ECE sends a report directly to NABP (National association of boards of pharmacy) and one report to your given address. 

Note: Before or after receiving their evaluation report, Make an account with NABP by visiting their website and signing up for your NABP i.d. After signing in to your account they'll direct you to the FPGEC corner where you would be able to check your status of documents arrival, deficiency in any required document, and any additional information or document.

when you are sending documents to ECE for evaluation, don't wait for ECE report completion. Quickly send your required documents to NABP for FPGEC so they can also able to start the evaluation of your documents. You don't have a need to send your ECE report to NABP, ECE will send your report directly to NABP. After receiving your documents, NABP will update your login account that your documents received. It'll take 6 to 8 weeks for a complete evaluation. Depending on your documents, if there is a deficiency of any documents they'll update the deficiency status on your NABP account then you have to send again deficient document to them and the evaluation process will start again from starting and this will cost you more money and also a waste of time also they'll take another 6 to 8 weeks. So make sure before sending documents to ECE and NABP that all the documents are fully attested and sealed by the notary public. So that you can save your money and time. After completion of the evaluation process, NABP would change your status on the login account to 'Accepted' then you can buy the FPGEC exam in the coming schedule which is in October only.
Note: NABP is conducting an FPGEC exam once a year in the month of OCTOBER each year.

Applying the procedure For PHARMACIST registration in the USA in detail

 Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee(FPGEC)

For the FPGEC registration procedure, you have to apply for the documents evaluation procedure by ECE. They will evaluate all the required documents and will send the final report directly to NABP(NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BOARDS OF PHARMACY).
The following documents are required for FPGEC process completion:
  1. ECE Report/Documentation
  2. Passing TOEFL iBT Score Report
  3. FPGEC Attestation and application form
  4. Licensing and/or Registration Documentation
  5. Certified Copy of ID (photo identification & passport identification)

1. ECE Report/Documentation

First of all, you have to submit an application and documentation to Educational Credential Evaluators
(ECE) in the USA to verify your degree credentials. You need to submit the following documents to ECE for evaluation:
  • ECE Application. To access the ECE application  visit their website
  • Official Transcripts. Pharmacy school transcripts in a sealed envelope
  • Official Proof of Degree in pharmacy. Indicating the title of the degree and the date of issuance from your school of graduation. (credential or degree earned) 
How to make an account for ECE REPORT
step by step instructions:
First step;

2nd Step;

3rd step:
4th Step:

 5th step:

6th Step:

After submitting all the documents required ECE application create an ECE evaluation report that is sent directly to FPGEC.  

2.  Passing TOEFL iBT Score Report submission
Now there are two policies:
If you have applied after January 1, 2020, then you will complete the TOEFL iBT requirement for FPGEE application acceptance. By conducting your TOEFL exam before applying for FPGEE.If you have submitted your documents before January 1, 2020, you can attempt the TOEFL exam even after taking the FPGEE exam.

3. FPGEC Attestation and application form
The documents  required for the FPGEC Certification application and the procedure is the following:
 The FPGEC they have received documents they quickly process all applications and materials. The FPGEC evaluates each document and material and all supporting documentation for accuracy and to make sure that documents are not fake.  The FPGEC will send you an email to inform you about your application status. If there is any deficiency in your documents they will update the status in your e-profile.. they will provide you the opportunity to correct any deficiency in documents identified by the FPGEC. Make sure you have submitted all the required documents to FPGEC on time so that so could purchase the exam timely.
To  start the FPGEC Certification process, you have to apply online e-Profile and submit hard copies of the following documents to FPGEC for evaluation and acceptance:
  1.  Your licensing/registration documentation (Pharmacy category/license given by your country)
  2.  A certified copy of FPGEC Attestation (FPGEC form from their website)
  3.  A notarized copy of the photo identification. 
  4. A notarized copy of your passport identification
  5. Submission of a passing TOEFL iBT scores reports directly to the FPGEC by using your ETS account.
.If you have applied after January 1, 2020, then you will complete the TOEFL iBT requirement for FPGEE application acceptance. By conducting your TOEFL exam before applying for FPGEE.If you have submitted your documents before January 1, 2020, you can attempt the TOEFL exam even after taking the FPGEE exam.

After submission of all of your documents to FPGEC, they will update your status in your e-profile and then you can purchase a scheduled exam.

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