MEDICOLOGY: PHARMACOLOGY QUIZZES 52 | Multiple Choice Questions| Medical Exam Preparations

Saturday, February 19, 2022

PHARMACOLOGY QUIZZES 52 | Multiple Choice Questions| Medical Exam Preparations

 01. Which one of the following agent is a insulin?

A. Torsemide
B. Atorvastatin
C. Glulisine
D. Desmopressin
E. Somatostatin

Answer: C. Glulisine

02. Which one of the following drugs is used for subcutaneous and systemic mycoses?
A. Butoconazole
B. Econazole
C. Griseofulvin
D. Itraconazole

Answer: D. Itraconazole

03. Which one of the following drugs belongs to 3st generation Cephalosporins?
A. Cefaclor
B. Cefadroxil
C. Cefdinir
D. Cefepime

Answer: C. Cefdinir

04. Which one of the following drugs is a 2nd generation Cephalosporin?
A. Cefoxitin
B. Cefadroxil
C. Cefdinir
D. Cefepime

Answer: A. Cefoxitin

05. Which of the following hormone belongs to the oral diabetic agent?
A. Oxytocin 
B. Acarbose
C. Somatrem
D. Furosemide 
E. A & B

Answer: B. Acarbose

06. Which one of the following drugs is 4th generation cephalosporin drug?
A. Cefadroxil 
B. Cefuroxime 
C. Cefixime 
D. Cefepime 

Answer: D. Cefepime

07. Amylin analog is one of the following?
A. Bumetanide
B. Furosemide 
C. Levothyroxine
D. Pramlintide
E. A & B

Answer: D. Pramlintide

08. Insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus?
A. Type 1 diabetes Mellitus
B. Type 2. Diabetic mellitus
C. Pseudo hypoglycemia
D. Gestational Diabetes mellitus 
E. A & D

Answer: A. Type 1 Diabetes mellitus

09. PITUITARY HORMONE is synthesized in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is divided into two anatomical lobes, one of these lobes is called the Anterior lobe. The anterior lobe is also called as following?
A. Neurohypophysis
B. Neurohyperphysis
C. Adenohypophysis
D. Adenohyperphysis
E. Uterohypophysis

Answer: C. Adenohypophysis

10. Ceftriaxone belongs to the one of the following generation of the cephalosporin?
A. 1st generation
B. 2nd generation
C. 3rd generation
D. 4th generation

Answer: C. 3rd generation

11. A person who is a bus driver suffering from seasonal allergy. To relieve his seasonal allergy which drug is the drug of choice for this bus driver?
A. Carbinoxamine
B. Triplodine
C. Cyproheptadine
D. Promethazine
E. Loratadine

Answer: E. Loratadine

12. Which of the following amino acids is a non essential?
A. Asparagine 
B. Alanine 
C. Aspartic acid 
D. Histidine  
E. Glutamic acid 

Answer: D. Histidine 

13. In an acute attack of gout, Indomethacin is preferred over Colchicine because of which characteristic?
a) More likely to reduce inflammation
b) Less likely to cause diarrhea
c) More likely to prevent further acute attacks
d) Less likely to cause acute renal failure
e) Less likely to cause GI bleeding

Answer: b) Less likely to cause diarrhea

14. Receptors that produce the most rapid response:
a) Cytokine receptors
b) G-protein linked receptors
c) Ion channel linked receptors
d) Intracellular Receptors
e) Tyrosine-Kinase Receptors

Answer: c) Ion channel linked receptors

15. About Nateglinide; All are true, except?
a. release insulin
b. Decrease insulin resistance
c. decrease postprandial hypoglycemia
d. Hypoglycemia less common than with Sulfonylureas

Answer: b. Decrease insulin resistant

16. Lactic acidosis is the adverse effect of one of the following drugs?
A. Glyburide 
B. Aspirin
C. Metformin
D. All of the above

Answer: Metformin

17. Which one of the following inhibit the excretion of Indomethacin, naproxen, and ketoprofen?
A. Colchicine
B. Allopurinol
C. Sulfinpyrazone
D. Probenecid

Answer: D. Probenecid

18. Which one of the following drugs is a more effective drug and drug of choice for fungal infection with a shorter duration of therapy?
A. Griseofulvin
B. Itraconazole
C. Terbinafine
D. Delavirdine

Answer: C. Terbinafine antifungal(Allylamine ANT Amorolfin, Naftifine, Terbinafine inhibit squalene epoxidase)
Griseofulvin: Binds to tubulin, thus inhibiting mitosis
Itraconazole: Triazole (FITVIP) inhibit lanosterol 14-à demethylase enzyme needs to convert lanosterol into ergosterol.

19. A drug that inhibit the guanosine triphosphate formation thus preventing viral mRNA capping and RNA dependent RNA polymerase blockage?
A. Amantadine
B. Oseltamivir
C. Ribavirin 
D. Both A & B
E. All of the above 

Answer: C. Ribavirin 

20. Reabsorption of Na+ & Cl– in the distal convoluted tubules that results in retention of water in the tubules. Which of the following diuretic is used?
A. Chlorothiazide
B. Acetazolamide
C. Bumetanide
D. Furosemide
E. Spironolactone

Answer: A. Chlorothiazide

21. Which of the following statements about Neostigmine is wrong?
A. Prevent postoperative abdominal distention
B. Prevent Urinary retention 
C. Treat myasthenia gravis
D. Antidote for competitive NM blocker 
E. Has duration of action 100 Hour 

Answer: E. Has duration of action 100 Hour 
It's duration of action is 30 minutes to 2 hours. 100 hours is the duration of Echothiophate.

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