MEDICOLOGY: How to become a pharmacist in canada?

Monday, March 28, 2022

How to become a pharmacist in canada?

How to Get Pharmacist Registration in Canada

Steps involved in Pharmacist Registration in Canada?
  1. Documents Evaluation
  1. PHARMACIST Evaluating Exam
  1. PHARMACIST Qualifying Exam 
  • Part 1 MCQ
  • Part 2 OSCE
1. Documents Evaluation
2. Pharmacist Evaluation  Exam
3. Pharmacist Qualifying Examination
Part 1 (MCQ)
Part 2 (OSCE)
If you are trying to get registration as a PHARMACIST in CANADA then you need to have some knowledge about PEBC ( Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada) is an organization in Canada for the Pharmacy field, Canadian pharmacy requirements,s and the Steps involved in the overall registration process. As an international student and if you are applying from your home country then you have to spend some money along with a long time period of almost 4 to 6 months depending on how much they would take time to accept your application and evaluation process.
Three main steps in this process are needed to complete before setting for the PEBC exam which is the following:
Documents evaluation is the first step in the gateway to Canada as a pharmacist. In this step, you have to send all your educational documents as required by PEBC for evaluation. This step is a necessary step in which you will prove that you have a valid degree in pharmacy from a recognized college or university and also this degree is acceptable to the PEBC or completing their requirements. Most of the pharmacy degree completion years around the globe are almost 4 years and 5 years in pharmacy. So that's why they'll evaluate your pharmacy degree as per their requirement. They'll charge $530CAN for this evaluation. When they will receive your documents evaluation application and fee for evaluation they'll send you an email to notify you about the application. All the information about your application status will be shared by sending you an email by PEBC. PEBC also provides you an identification number.
Documents required for Evaluation for PEBC exam:
You need to submit the following documents:
  • Documents Evaluation Application
  • Fee $550CAN
  • Identification Documents (Passport, Country i.d, Marriage certificate, etc)
  • Pharmacy Degree
  • Transcript
  • Pharmacy License
  • Any additional documents required by NABP
Any deficiency in documents needed for complete evaluation will cause a delay in the evaluation process. So make sure before sending documents that all the demanded documents are attached and sent to NABP for evaluation.

There are 2 exams in the registration process the pharmacist exam is 1st exam to pass and then you have to attempt the Qualifying exam for registration as a pharmacist. After passing this exam, you will be eligible to write the Qualifying exam part 1 and 2. The fee required for exam registration is $515CAD. This step is required to check your knowledge skills to make sure that you have completed a pharmacy degree that is comparable with the pharmacy program taught in Canada. After passing this step, Apply for the next exam. Send your Evaluation exam report and document evaluation applications in a joint envelope. By visiting the PEBC website to check their deadline date, your documents must reach before the deadline date. You have 5 years to pass this evaluation exam.

After completion of the documents evaluation and passing the Evaluation examination, you are eligible to sit for Qualifying Exams. This qualifying exam is based on 2 parts, out of which one part is multiple choice questions and the other part is an Objective structural Clinical Examination. Both of these steps could be attempted in a single day depending upon you as you have the option to attempt them on different days. This exam is a competitive exam just to check the quality of pharmacists and Quality of knowledge to make accuracy in clinical practice. After passing the qualifying exam, PEBC will issue you a certificate of registration.

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