MEDICOLOGY: Controlled Drugs MCQs 64

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Controlled Drugs MCQs 64

01. An immunomodulatory agent that inhibits the DHODH needed for the synthesis of pyrimidine. Which one of the following drugs is a 5-HT1D receptor agonist?
A. Sumatriptan
B. Zolmitriptan
C. Dihydroergotamine
D. A & B
E. All of the above

Answer: E. All of the above
Dihydroergotamine works by tightening blood vessels in the brain and by stopping the release of natural substances in the brain that causes swelling.

02. Dihydroergotamine is a vasoconstrictor and is the most effective drug during one of the following phases of migraine?
A. Asymptomatic phase
B. Prodromal phase
C. Headache phase
D. Both A & C

Answer: B. Prodromal phase

03. Which one of the following drugs interferes with sexual performance and decreases exercise tolerance?
A. Lisinopril
B. Losartan
C. Metoprolol
D. Nifedipine

Answer: C. Metoprolol
Beta-blockers cause this combination of adverse effects.

04. Disturbance in color vision occurs by using one of the following drugs?
A. Sildenafil
B. Terbutaline
C. Diltiazem
D. Alendronate

Answer: A. Sildenafil

05. Loss of blue and green discrimination is the adverse effect of the following drug?
A. Sildenafil
B. Tadalafil
C. Vardenafil
D. A & B
E. All of the above

Answer: A. Sildenafil
Sildenafil also inhibits PDE-6 found in the retina.

06. What is the antidote of Alprazolam?
A. Naloxone
B. Flumazenil
C. Fomepizole
D. Amyl Nitrate
E. Phentolamine

Answer: B. Flumazenil

07. Amenorrhea in some cases is treated by Bromocriptine because of it?
A. Increases the synthesis of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
B. Inhibits prolactin release
C. Is an estrogen antagonist that enhances gonadotropin release
D. Stimulates the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)
E. Stimulates the ovary directly

Answer: B. Inhibits prolactin release 

08. Which one of the following PDE-5 drugs has the shortest half-life?
A. Sildenafil
B. Vardenafil
C. Tadalafil
D. Tamsulosin

Answer: A. Sildenafil
Has a half-life of 3-4 hours.

09. Which one of the following statements about the use of PDE-5 inhibitors is incorrect?
A. Causes Nasal congestion
B. Tadalafil disturb color vision
C.  Used for erectile dysfunction
D. Increase blood flow to corpus cavernosum

Answer: B. Tadalafil disturb color vision
Tadalafil doesn't disturb color vision. Sildenafil disturbs color vision.

10. Which one of the following drugs increases the blood flow into the corpus cavernosum?
A. Tamsulosin
B. Tadalafil
C. Alendronate
D. Phentermine

Answer: B. Tadalafil

11. Sumatriptan succinate is used for the treatment of acute migraine headaches. Does it act by?
A. selective agonist at 5-hydroxytryptamine 1D (5-HT1D) receptors
B. selective antagonist at histamine (H1) receptors
C. agonist at nicotinic receptors
D. antagonist at β1- and β2-adrenergic receptors
E. inhibitor of prostacyclin synthase

Answer: A. selective agonist at 5-hydroxytryptamine 1D (5-HT1D) receptors

12. Which one of the following neuroleptic drugs commonly causes weight gain?
A. Haloperidol
B. Thioridazine
C. Fluphenazine
D. Clozapine

Answer: D. Clozapine
Because atypical neuroleptic drugs commonly cause weight gain.

13. Which one of the following drugs causes potentially fatal agranulocytosis in 1-2% of patients?
A. Olanzapine
B. Haloperidol
C. Clozapine
D. Risperidone

C. Clozapine

14. Which one of the following drugs acts as a partial agonist at D² receptors?
A. Clozapine
B. Haloperidol
C. Aripiprazole
D. Risperidone

Answer: A. Aripiprazole

15. Which one of the following drugs is a strong opioid agonist?
A. Tramadol
B. Nalmefene
C. Codeine
D. Fentanyl

Answer: D. Fentanyl

16. Which one of the following drugs is a low or moderate opioid Agonist?
A. Tramadol
B. Codeine
C. Morphine
D. Nalbuphine

B. Codeine

17. First-line treatment for Partial Seizures?
A. Zonisamide
B. Clobazam
C. Carbamazepine
D. Gabapentin
E. Diazepam

Answer: C. Carbamazepine, Is an agent to treat epilepsy. The mechanism of Action of Carbamazepine is by blocking the Sodium channel that leads to inhibition of the generation of the repetitive action potential by blocking their spread. Hyponatremia is caused by Carbamazepine.
Other drugs, Gabapentin is not a GABA  Analog or acts on the GABA receptor. It MOA is unknown but used in partial seizure as an adjunct drug with others used for Partial seizure. Mainly used as Neuralgia.
  An antiepileptic drug with a broad spectrum mechanism of Action such as blocked both voltage-gated sodium channel, T-type calcium channel, Carbonic anhydrase activity. Also used for Partial seizure. A kidney stone is an adverse effect of Zonisamide.
Diazepam is an anxiolytic and Hypnotic drug of class Benzodiazepines. Mechanism of Action of Diazepam acts on the GABA receptor which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Acts by opening the GABA channel to conduct the Chloride ions influx leads to inhibit the action potential.

18. A drug used to treat toxicity of CNS Depression and respiratory depression reversal of opioid anaesthesia is following?
A. Flucytosine 
B. Flumazenil 
C. Naloxone 
D. Physostigmine 
E. Atropine 

Answer C. Naloxone (compete at three CNS opioid receptors and lead to reversal of the depressive opioid effects).
Dose: 0.4-2mg IV titrated to effect 

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