MEDICOLOGY: PHARMACOLOGY QUIZZES 60 | Multiple Choice Questions| Medical Exam Preparations

Saturday, March 26, 2022

PHARMACOLOGY QUIZZES 60 | Multiple Choice Questions| Medical Exam Preparations

01. Reye's fever is caused by one of the following drugs?
A. Acetaminophen
B. Aspirin
C. Indomethacin
D. Celecoxib

Answer: B. Aspirin

02. When Lopinavir is co-formulated with one of the following drugs it increases drug level in the plasma by inhibiting the metabolism?
A. Amantadine 
B. Vidarabine 
C. Zanamivir 
D. Ritonavir 
E. Lamivudine 

Answer: D. Ritonavir

03. Mechanism of action of Metformin?
A. Insulin secretagogue 
B. Insulin sensitizer 
C. Delay digestion of carbohydrates 
D. Inactivate incretin hormones

Answer: B. Insulin sensitizer 

04. Which one of the following statements about the use of Metformin is wrong?
A. Decrease gluconeogenesis
B. Effective in polycystic ovary disease 
C. Cause hypoglycemia when used alone
D. Reduce hyperlipidemia

Answer: C. Cause hypoglycemia when used alone 

05. Which one of the following drugs impairs absorption &  should be used 1 hour apart from cimetidine and ranitidine?
A. Ciprofloxacin
B. Tetracycline
C. Antacids 
D. Esomeprazole

Answer: C. Antacids

06. Receptors that produce the most rapid response?
A. Cytokine receptors
B. G-protein linked receptors
C. Intracellular Receptors
D. Ion channel linked receptors
E. Tyrosine-Kinase Receptors

Answer: D. Ion channel linked receptors

07. Clonidine has the highest effect on following adrenoceptors type?
A. α1 Receptors
B. α2 Receptors
C. α1 & B1 Receptors
D. Both A & B
E. All of these 

Answer: B. α2 Receptors

08. Cytokines activated by infection cause fever due to stimulation of?
A. PGI2 
B. PGE2 
C. PGE1 
D. PGF2 

Answer: B. PGE2 

09. Following is the half-life of Low dose of Aspirin?
A. 1 hour
B. 3 hours 
C. 7 hours 
D. 15 hours 

Answer: B. 3 hours 

10. Cimetidine reduces hepatic blood flow which results in a reduction in clearance of one of the following drugs?
A. Misoprostol
B. Propranolol
C. Tetracycline
D. Ciprofloxacin 

Answer: B. Propranolol

11. Which of the following drugs are carried by the Alpha-1 acid glycoprotein (AAG) in the plasma?
A. Erythromycin 
B. Prazosin 
C. Quinine  
D. A & B
E. All of the following 

Answer: E. All of the following 

12. Which one of the following statements about Salicylates is wrong?
A. Analgesic at Low dose 
B. Anti-inflammatory at high dose
C. Increase prostaglandin synthesis 
D. Depress pain stimuli at thalamus 
E. Have antipyretic activity 

Answer: C. Increase prostaglandin synthesis

13. Which one of the following drugs synergizes with tubocurarine and enhances the blockage of Acetylcholine by competing with calcium ions?
A. Gentamicin
B. Edrophonium
C. Pyridostigmine
D. Mecamylamine
E. Nicotine

Answer: A. Gentamicin

14. A patient is given a non-competitive irreversible antagonist. What is the expected result of the graded dose-response curve?
A. Shift Downwards
B. Shift downwards and to the right
C. Shift to the left
D. Shift to the right
E. Shift Upwards

Answer: B. Shift downwards and to the right

16. Which one of the following statements about the use of Aliskiren is incorrect?
A. Selective Renin inhibitor
B. Used for hypertension
C. High dose cause constipation
D. Cause cough and angioedema

Answer: C. High doses causes constipation
A higher dose of Aliskiren cause diarrhea

17. α1A Is primarily found in one of the following locations?
A. Heart 
B. Bones 
C. Prostate gland
D. Kidney 
E. Eyes 

Answer: C. Prostate gland 

18. Following drug has the least duration of action as compared to others?
A. Metformin 
B. Rosiglitazone
C. Pioglitazone
D. Glipizide
E. Glyburide

Answer: A. Metformin 
Metformin has a 06-hour duration of action.

19. Which one of the following drugs is used to manage the toxicity of paroxetine?
A. Metoprolol
B. Cyproheptadine
C. Glucagon
D. Isoniazid

Answer: B. Cyproheptadine 

20. A patient diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is administered an oral dose of 0.1 mg chlorpropamide, an insulin secretagogue, and weak acid with a pKa of 5.0. What is the quantity of chlorpropamide absorbed at ph 2.0 from the stomach?
A. 01 mg
B. 05 mg
C. 50 μg
D. 90 μg
E. 9 μg

Answer: E. 9 μg

21. Because of the involuntary nature of the ANS as well as it's functions it's known as following?
A. Involuntary NS
B. Visceral NS
C. Vegetative NS
D. A & B
E. All of the above 

Answer: E. All of the above 

22. Which is an appropriate treatment for a nutritional ane-
mia that presents as a hunger for ice and/or upward
curvature of the fingernails?
A. Vitamin B (cyanocobalamin)
B. Folic acid
C. Vitamin D
D. Iron

Answer:  D. Iron 
 Vitamin Bi2, folic acid, and iron deficiencies all contribute to anemia, but iron deficiency is associated with pica (hunger for ice or dirt) and koilonychias (upward curvature of toenails/fingernails). Vitamin D deficiency does exist but does not cause anemia.

23. Which of the following iron supplement contain highest percentage of elemental iron?
A. Ferrous sulfate
B. Carbonyl iron
C. Ferrous gluconate
D. Ferric ammonium citrate

Answer: B. Carbonyl iron 
 Ferrous sulfate contains 20% (or 30% in the anhydrous formulation), ferrous gluconate contains 12%, and ferric ammonium citrate contains 18% of elemental iron. These are all well below the percent of elemental iron in carbonyl iron, which contains 100% elemental iron.

Elemental Iron Percentage 
  1. Ferrous gluconate 12 % 
  2. Ferric ammonium citrate 18%
  3. Ferrous sulfate 20%
  4. Ferrous sulfate, anhydrous 30%
  5. Ferrous Fumarate 33%
  6. Carbonyl Iron 100%
  7. Polysaccharide iron complex 100%

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